Commercial and Residential Cleaning Trends for 2024

Trends may come and go, but cleanliness is a virtue forever!

The Shoup’s team has been actively engaged in promoting clean living for over 50 years, so we’ve seen lots of trendy ideas get popular then fade away. We don’t follow all the trends, but we’re always on board with improving the cleaning services we offer. That’s why we’re one of the most trusted cleaning services in Ohio!

We sorted through the latest cleaning trends and found that many of them align with the residential and commercial cleaning we offer our clients.

Check out these five trends for leveling up the commercial or residential cleaning options you already enjoy from Shoup’s.

1. Sustainability

The eco-friendly trend has been on the rise for decades. It’s finally caught up with one of the major principles that’ve underpinned our Ohio cleaning services for years – the idea that a thorough professional cleaning protects the investment you’ve made in high-quality furniture, appliances, rugs and carpeting.

Take advantage of our cost-effective upholstery cleaning to keep your expensive chairs and sofas looking new for longer. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of fresher, sweeter-smelling air in your home or office while prolonging the lifespan of your furnishings.

2. Health-Centric Cleaning

The recent public health crisis changed us in many ways. One positive response is a more widespread concern for protecting our physical health – and a deeper concern for stopping the spread of germs. Meet these challenges head on by scheduling an electrostatic disinfecting for a deeper clean every so often. This cutting-edge cleaning service combines an electrostatic sprayer, an EPA-approved disinfectant cleaning solution and the power of science to kill pathogens on surfaces. If your workplace sees a lot of foot traffic, this is one cleaning service you need to stay healthy.

3. Regular Deep Cleaning

Maybe you enjoy cleaning your home every few days. Or perhaps you’ve already got Shoup’s cleaning services on a regular rotation at your workplace. That’s great – but a regular deep cleaning really gets to the heart of dirt and grime. Once or twice a year, professional carpet cleaning benefits your home or office by nixing built-up odors and ground-in dirt. The refreshed air quality and like-new look can make your whole house or business feel brand new again!

4. Tailored Cleaning Services and Schedules

The days of one-size-fits-all cleaning services in Ohio are gone. Shoup’s has long been in favor of tailoring our services to your needs, and now our flexibility has become fashionable! A big part of the Shoup’s commercial cleaning consultation process aims to find out what your business needs. You tell us how often to come in, which spaces to clean and what time of day works best for you. We offer a similar process for our residential cleaning services – because nobody should have to pay for services they don’t want.

5. Mindful Cleaning for Mental Wellness

When your home and work spaces are clean, your entire attitude gets a little brighter. The mindfulness movement has made us all more aware of how our surroundings affect our sense of well-being – and you probably already know that the effects of an unclean workplace can reach all the way to your company’s bottom line. Let Shoup’s clear away the dust and boost your mental health with our professional cleaning services. Whether you’re trying to be more mindful of your team’s happiness or you’re looking to reclaim your weekends as one of the benefits of residential housekeeping services, this is one of the cleaning trends that’s likely here to stay.

Shoup’s Cleaning

Feeling inspired about these cleaning trends? Ready to bring Shoup’s cleaning services into your home or business for a refresh that outlasts the latest fashions? Get a quote today and be part of the high-quality commercial and residential cleaning movement!

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