Preventing Unhealthy Work Environments With Quality Commercial Cleaning

Could your office, warehouse or other place of business benefit from quality cleaning services? Not sure if your budget can handle the cost of cleaning services? Wondering whether professional cleaning services are worth it for your company?

The pros at Shoup’s Cleaning are here to help. We’re on a mission to clean up your workday spaces so employees and customers can see your brand more clearly.

You may already understand the importance of workplace cleanliness in terms of employee hygiene and general organization. But the negative effects of an unhealthy work environment are often invisible to the untrained eye – though their impact on your company’s bottom line is undeniable.

In fact, the cost of not investing in quality cleaning services for your workspace can add up to way more than you bargained for, like sick employees or customer accidents.

Read on for our insight into commercial cleaning benefits that can boost your business success!

Negative Effects of an Unclean Workspace

From the air they breathe to the surfaces they touch, your employees are on the front lines of germ warfare every day. If they’re not doing their jobs in a clean work environment, they’re subject to a host of negative effects. Some of the ways a dirty work space harms your business include:

Increased Stress Levels

We’re talking both physical and mental stress here. Whether they have to contend with stacks of files, piles of unsorted products or the hassle of navigating around messes, workers feel stressed when they can’t find what they need to do their jobs. Breathing unfiltered air or the odor of trash also makes any job more difficult.

And that’s without considering the mental stress of worrying about catching a virus or other illness from countertops, phones or desks that aren’t cleaned regularly. All this extra stress lowers morale among employees, which could lead to poor customer service and “quiet quitting” — or actual quitting, as workers become frustrated and disillusioned by employers who won’t invest in a clean work environment.

Higher Chance of Illness

High-traffic areas like retail stores, warehouses and large offices are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. When these spaces are not cleaned deeply and regularly, the odds of spreading those germs through the population increases exponentially. And sick employees call off from work, causing a domino effect of staff shortages, uncompleted tasks and unhappy customers.

Potential for Slips and Falls

Even if you’re not so worried about a clean workplace, safety is likely a top concern in your business. Accidents from tripping or falling are quite common in work areas, and spills of any kind only increase the risk of someone slipping and getting hurt. With no strategy for workplace cleanliness, employees may be confused about who’s responsible for cleaning up a spill – which makes the mess more likely to cause an accident. Furthermore, if a worker takes the initiative to mop up a spill, they might not know to put up signage warning others of the slick surface. You can see how this only makes the situation worse.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

The benefits of a clean workspace for both employees and customers are clear. But commercial cleaning benefits might not be so evident. Leaving aside for the moment the financial cost of professional cleaning services, let’s look at how hiring an experienced, value-driven commercial cleaning service can boost your bottom line:

Increased Productivity

Healthy employees tend to work harder and make fewer mistakes than those struggling with chronic illness. And while you can’t be responsible for every aspect of your employees’ health, you can give them a clean work environment that lowers their risk of catching communicable viruses, like COVID-19 and flu. Electrostatic disinfecting combines an EPA-approved sprayer, a hospital-grade cleaning solution and the scientific principle of magnetic attraction between negatively and positively charged particles to achieve a more complete, deeper clean.

Nixing viruses on surfaces translates to fewer call-offs, as well as better morale and higher productivity from your healthier workers.

Reduced Potential for OTJ Injuries

In addition to the occasional spill we discussed earlier, build-up or grime on hard flooring can be dangerously slick. The best professional cleaners know how to tackle those perils by offering concrete, tile and grout cleaning. From lobbies to garages to restrooms to warehouses, floors that are clean present a much lower risk of many on-the-job injuries from falling or slipping. They also help protect customers from sustaining an injury that could lead to a lawsuit.

Better First Impressions for Your Business

Want potential customers to see what’s waiting for them inside your business? If they can’t see past a dirty, grimy window, they’re not likely to go any further. Make sure your company’s first impression is crystal clear with professional window washing services that invite foot traffic. Clean windows also give workers a better view of their surroundings and allow more natural light into an office or retail space – two highly prized clean workplace benefits.

A Deeper Clean, Tailored to Your Needs

Commercial cleaning pros have the specialized equipment, filters and other technology to clean more deeply and efficiently than ever before. Plus, they can offer a customized approach to quality cleaning services that meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, as well as large corporate entities.

You can set up routine housekeeping services for general vacuuming, bathroom disinfecting and wastebasket emptying. If your business has been ravaged by floods, fire or other disasters, mitigation services can get you back to operational. There are even specialty services available for things like repairing carpets or keeping your vehicle fleet spotlessly clean. In fact, the cost of cleaning services can be tailored to nearly any budget.

Shoup’s Cleaning: The Commercial Cleaning Pros

It’s easy to see how the negative effects of an unhealthy work environment can quickly add up to much more than the cost of professional cleaning services. Shoup’s Cleaning is a family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience elevating workplace cleanliness to an art. Contact us today to discover how our quality cleaning services can boost your bottom line with healthier, happier, more productive employees and loyal customers.

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