Benefits of Residential Housekeeping Services

Do you dread cleaning your home? All those hours spent on dusting, scrubbing floors and running the vacuum — only to see the dirt and dust pile up again — can feel like a total waste of time.

And yet, you may think professional housekeeping services aren’t an option, due to either cost or privacy concerns. Besides, what do housekeepers do that’s so different from your weekly routine?

The pros at Shoup’s Cleaning are here to clean up your perceptions of residential cleaning services! Our team of highly skilled and vetted residential housekeepers came up with this tidy outline of what our housekeepers clean, how our housekeeping services work and why you should consider off-loading your weekly chores to us.

Put down the dust mop and read on for insight into the types of housekeeping services we offer for your home and how they can save you time, money and aggravation.

What Are Residential Housekeepers Responsible For?

What does housekeeping mean? The term generally refers to any routine maintenance that makes a home functional and livable. We’ve refined the definition to illustrate the specifics you can expect from Shoup’s residential house cleaning services.

Here are the tasks our professional residential housekeepers take off your to-do list:


We’ll get that annoying coat of dust off all the surfaces in your home, including TV screens, knick-knacks, ceiling fans, wooden furniture, wall art and more.

Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathrooms

These two rooms are the most used in any home, which often makes them the most in need of regular cleaning. We’ll nix dirt and germs on counters, appliances, sinks, mirrors, toilets and tubs.


Is mopping the kitchen or bathroom floor your least favorite chore? Let our pros do it! We’ll make sure floors are so clean you can eat off them — though we really don’t recommend that.


Running the vacuum seems like a simple task, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Our pros will vacuum your living spaces with utmost care, moving small pieces of furniture as necessary to get all the dust bunnies.

Additional Types of Housekeeping Services

Shoup’s standard residential house cleaning services go a long way toward restoring your home’s sparkle. Level up that clean feeling with periodic extras, like window washing that helps you see your space in a whole new light. Give your furniture a fresh perspective, too, with professional upholstery cleaning that nixes spots, spills, and odors for more comfortable relaxing and a like-new look. Adding these types of housekeeping services on a monthly or quarterly basis makes everyday cleaning easier while prolonging your furniture’s lifespan and protecting your family’s health.

Benefits of Residential House Cleaning Services

Now that you understand better what housekeepers do, you may have even more questions. For example, many homeowners are unsure what type of housekeeper they need. Others wonder whether it’s worth the money to hire residential housekeepers.

The benefits you can expect from using Shoup’s housekeeping services include:

Less Daily Stress

There’s nothing more stressful than coming home from a long day at work to a messy, dirty home — except, of course, having to work from home amid all that mess! Choosing a reputable house cleaning service can significantly reduce your stress levels by allowing you to relax and enjoy your clean and tidy space instead of having to do housework after doing regular work.

More Time for Literally Anything Else

What are your favorite weekend activities? Is scrubbing the bathtub or washing windows on that list? We’re guessing not. With Shoup’s team delivering regular housekeeping services, you’ll gain hours of free time every week to do whatever you like! Take the kids to the zoo, discover local fare at a farmers’ market, devote yourself to an engaging hobby — or simply chill with a good book or a close friend. You’ll have the best of both worlds: a fresh, clean house and ample time to enjoy it.

A Deeper Clean

We’ve all done it. When the cleaning chore is taxing and distasteful, the urge to rush through it with only a glancing swipe is beyond tempting. But the residential housekeepers at Shoup’s take their jobs very seriously, so every surface of your home gets their full, professional attention. Plus, we have all the specialized equipment that help us get into every crevice and corner. That means your home gets a much deeper clean from our residential house cleaning services than most homeowners could do on their own.

Easier Entertaining

Do you love having friends and family over for dinners, game nights and other festive gatherings? Does all the cleaning you have to do before their arrival and after their departure put a damper on your passion for hosting? Let Shoup’s take care of it! Our professional housekeeping services make it easier to invite guests into your home without worrying about dust or dirt spoiling the fun. And if spills happen, don’t worry! We offer thorough carpet cleaning services, as well.

Residential Housekeepers: Shoup’s Cleaning Heroes

You could just Google “housekeepers in my area” and hope for the best — or you can choose the locally rooted, carefully vetted team of residential housekeepers at Shoup’s. Through more than 50-plus years of cleaning homes and businesses in Ohio, our expert team has helped us build a reputation of integrity, professionalism and community connection.

Contact us to schedule your residential housekeeping services today and get your free time back!

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