Electrostatic Disinfecting for a Deeper, Healthier Clean

Avoiding the flu and other infectious diseases can be tough. But keeping a clean workplace is an important step in protecting the health and safety of your employees, clients and customers. If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that regularly disinfecting offices, stores and other public spaces is crucial for guarding everyone’s health and maintaining a safe and productive community.

As you navigate the differences between commercial and janitorial cleaning for your business, you’ve likely encountered the option of electrostatic disinfecting services. What, exactly, is electrostatic disinfecting? How does this disinfecting process differ from your usual cleaning routine? Are there benefits of disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer that could make a difference in your business?

The clean freaks at Shoup’s Cleaning have seen it all in our 50-plus years of experience tackling dirt and germs in Ohio homes and businesses. To help you make the best choices for the deepest clean possible, we’re happy to break down the specifics of our electrostatic cleaning services.

Read on to see how electrostatic disinfecting works, why it’s a better option than other deep-clean methods and when is the best time to schedule electrostatic disinfecting services.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfecting?

Electrostatic disinfecting employs the scientific principle of ionic bonding. Don’t remember it from high school science class? No problem! Here are the basics in a nutshell:

  • Ions are atoms or molecules with an electrical charge.
  • All ions are either positively or negatively charged.
  • Opposite charges attract each other, and like charges repel each other.
  • When an EPA-approved disinfectant cleaning solution passes through the nozzle of an electrostatic sprayer, its atoms are infused with a positive charge as it is aerosolized, aka turned into tiny droplets.
  • These positively charged disinfecting droplets are then propelled toward objects and surfaces where over 70% of the molecules are negatively charged ions, and the disinfecting droplets stick to the negative ions like magnets.
  • The attraction between negative and positive ions is so strong that the droplets of cleaning solution actually wrap around objects, getting into spaces that would otherwise be very difficult to clean.
  • Any surface area that is already coated with droplets now has a positive charge, so it repels more droplets, bouncing them away to find another surface to clean. This means less product is wasted, making electrostatic disinfecting more efficient than other cleaning methods.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Process

Our well-trained team uses a state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfectant sprayer and a hospital-grade cleaning solution that’s EPA-approved for use against COVID-19 and other pathogens while observing all CDC safety precautions for our electrostatic cleaning services. All team members wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and we only perform this type of service when a workspace is unoccupied.

It’s important that surface dirt and grime are removed from your workspace before electrostatic disinfecting, which is a routine part of commercial cleaning — and why you need it on a regular basis. If you engage Shoup’s to keep up with your company’s general housekeeping, you probably won’t need to do any special cleaning before or after we complete this disinfecting process.

Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning Services

If the negative effects of an unclean workplace aren’t enough to convince you to try electrostatic disinfecting, check out some of the benefits your business could enjoy by periodically adding this disinfecting process to your routine:

Improved Air Quality

Microbes like the common cold, flu and COVID-19 are dangerous because they float unseen in the air we breathe. Enclosed spaces like offices, gyms, classrooms, banks and restaurants can develop very poor air quality if they’re not cleaned and disinfected regularly. The ion-attracting component of electrostatic disinfecting services helps eliminate those pathogens on surfaces, which can improve the overall air quality and help everyone breathe easier.

Fewer Sick Days

Healthy employees are less likely to call off work for illnesses like the flu or a cold — and while you can’t protect them from germs 24/7, periodic electrostatic disinfecting can lower their chances of picking up an illness at work that results in unscheduled time off.

Plus, if you have over-dedicated workers who insist on coming to the office when they’re sick, electrostatic cleaning services are the only way to prevent a ripple effect of cross-contamination.

Increased Workplace Safety

Whether it’s in response to a public health crisis or merely an amplification of routine workplace cleaning, the electrostatic disinfecting process creates a safer workplace for everyone. From the healthcare heroes in your medical practice to the teachers in your childcare facility to the trainers in your gym to the salespeople in your retail boutique to the stockers in your warehouse, your employees will appreciate the extra layer of safety you provide through electrostatic cleaning services.

More Efficient and Effective Cleaning

Wiping down surfaces with antibacterial cleaners by hand is time-consuming — and in some cases, totally impractical. The electrostatic disinfecting process is much more efficient and effective than any other type of cleaning because of the magnetic attraction between those oppositely charged ions. While it’s not a substitute for manual cleaning, it’s a smart supplement that goes deeper and provides an extra layer of protection against communicable diseases.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Services From Shoup’s Cleaning

Ready to give Shoup’s electrostatic cleaning services a try and level up the health and safety of your business? Add it to our other commercial cleaning services, like carpet cleaning and window washing, and reap the many benefits of routine disinfecting for a healthier bottom line and sparkling brand image!

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