How Professional Carpet Cleaning Benefits Your Home

Wall-to-wall carpeting adds comfort and coziness to your home. In return, we walk all over it and hardly give it a second thought. Most of us break out the vacuum every so often to suck up surface dirt, then simply call it clean enough.

Your investment in a beautiful and comforting floor covering deserves more! A periodic deep cleaning is more thorough than just vacuuming. This helps maintain your carpet’s look and feel for the long run.

But what carpet cleaning method is best for keeping your home as beautiful and healthful as possible? Should you rent a machine and do it yourself or hire professionals to do the job?

The pros at Shoup’s Cleaning have been getting our hands dirty in the name of cleanliness for over 50 years — so we know a thing or two about the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

To help you make the most effective choice for your home, we’ve put together answers to common questions about carpet cleaning, such as:

  • Why is carpet cleaning important?
  • How often should you clean carpets professionally?
  • How much does carpet cleaning cost?
  • Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?

We’ll also take you through our carpet cleaning process so you can see exactly how we clean and elevate your carpet’s look and feel!

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important for Your Family?

Have you seen those astounding carpet cleaning “before and after” pics on Instagram? They sure make the whole process seem quite dramatic. And they’re not exactly misleading — at least about how professional cleaning can transform the look of your home.

Carpet cleaning is important for aesthetic and health reasons, so let’s look at both types of carpet cleaning benefits separately.

Aesthetic Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Removes Spots and Stains

Have you been rearranging your furniture to try and hide that nasty red wine stain from two years ago or the spot where your pets had an accident? Have you tried over-the-counter cleaning solutions, only to find they discolor your carpet or only lighten the stain? The biggest benefit of professional carpet cleaning for most homeowners is the elimination of most spots and stains — including those dark and dirty high-traffic areas — without affecting the carpet’s color or design.

Prolongs Carpet Lifespan

Are you struggling to decide between professional carpet cleaning or replacement of the entire floor covering? Is your carpet only a few years old but looking like it’s ancient? What kind of warranty came with your carpeting purchase? As dirt and grime accumulate in a carpet, they can cause the fibers to start to break down. That means a soiled carpet not only looks old — it’s a sign that the carpet is deteriorating faster than it should. To avoid this, many manufacturers require regular professional cleanings to keep a carpet’s warranty in effect. Whether you’re concerned about a warranty or not, one of the most valuable carpet cleaning benefits is how it can prolong the useful and beautiful lifespan of your flooring.

Releases Trapped Odors

Ever notice an unpleasant or musty odor that lingers even after a thorough vacuuming? That’s because soft surfaces like carpeting trap odors — and treating them with plain water or steam can actually reactivate the stink! The professional carpet cleaning process includes specialized products that freshen your carpet’s fibers, reducing nasty smells from food spills, animals and more. If odor removal is your main concern, level up the carpet cleaning benefits by adding professional upholstery cleaning to refresh all the soft surfaces in your home.

Makes the Entire House Feel Refreshed

Professional carpet cleaning benefits your entire home, even if the carpeting doesn’t cover all your floors! The freshness of your carpets becomes the sweet-smelling and new-looking background to every game night, family gathering or just kick-back-and-relax everyday moments. Conversely, a soiled or stained carpet makes even the tidiest house seem messy. For an even brighter outlook, consider professional window washing to shine a crystal clear light on your freshly cleaned floors without streaks or the risk of climbing a ladder.

How Carpet Cleaning Benefits Your Health

We all know that looking good isn’t always the same as feeling good. Here are a few reasons why professional carpet cleaning is important for your family’s overall health.

Improves Air Quality

Those trapped odors in your upholstery and carpeting are caused by bacteria and other microbes — that your whole family inhales with every breath! Whether anyone in your family suffers from a breathing condition like asthma or not, you probably don’t want them inhaling anything that could aggravate issues. The professional carpet cleaning process nixes those nasties, improving your home’s air quality and making it possible for all of you to breathe a little easier.

Prevents Allergen Buildup

Seasonal allergies are no joke, and even mild allergic reactions to pets can be debilitating. You’ve likely added a HEPA filter to your heating and cooling system, but that isn’t always enough. One of the most valuable benefits of professional carpet cleaning for many families is the way it eliminates allergens, like pollen and pet dander, that hide among carpet fibers. The severity of an allergy dictates how often to clean carpets professionally, with twice a year being a minimum benchmark.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Still not sure whether it’s better to call in professional carpet cleaners? What makes professional carpet cleaning the best method over, say, going the DIY route with rental equipment? Let’s look at two aspects of the process that justify the cost of professional carpet cleaning:

No Leftover Residue

Many cleaning solutions and rental machines leave behind a residue on the fibers of your carpet. This residue can actually attract dirt and make it more difficult to keep your carpeting clean on a daily basis. Shoup’s Cleaning uses state-of-the-art equipment, reverse osmosis water and special cleaners that restore a like-new appearance to your carpets without a trace of residue.

Faster Drying

Our truck-mounted cleaning system brings the power of steam to our carpet cleaning process. With a time-tested approach, our system extracts 95% of the moisture from your carpeting — which means you can get back to enjoying your home much faster than you would with lower-quality rental machines.

Warranty Compliance

It’s worth repeating that some manufacturer warranties can be voided if you attempt to clean your carpeting yourself. If you’re not sure about your warranty, play it safe by embracing all these professional carpet cleaning benefits while remaining compliant with the industry standard.

What Our Carpet Cleaning Process Looks Like

Upon arrival, our team walks through your home with you to visually inspect your carpeting. This is your opportunity to point out spots and stains, as well as discuss issues you’ve had with your flooring or special concerns you have about the cleaning process.

Then we dig into our favorite pastime! Here’s how it plays out:

The Pre-Game

We do a thorough vacuuming to suck up all the dry soil first. Then we’ll carefully move your furniture to expose maximum carpeting surface — leaving large pieces like hutches and electronics in place and protecting furniture legs with disposable blocks or plastic underneath them.

Our pre-conditioning spray dampens the carpet and begins to break down spots and stains. Then we treat those problem areas with our Shoup’s Spotter before using our counter-rotating brush machine in two directions to further loosen soil and bring pet hair to the surface.

The Main Event

Our state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam system forces the cleaning power of heated reverse osmosis water deep into your carpet’s fibers. We carefully and methodically use hot-water extraction on every inch, re-applying spot remover as necessary and ensuring every bit of pre-spray is removed. Then we take additional passes with the carpet wand to suction up 95% of the moisture so that the carpeting can air dry as quickly as possible.

The Post-Cleaning Treatment

To maintain and prolong the squeaky-clean look and smell of your freshly cleaned carpet, we can also apply Scotchgardtm Protector if desired. It is similar to the one built into your carpeting from the manufacturer — and is applied thinly and evenly to the entire carpet. This protectant makes it easier to keep your carpeting clean on a day-to-day basis. Then we groom your carpeting with a specially designed carpet rake that sets the carpet fibers upright in a standing position. This helps the carpeting dry faster while also working the liquid protectant more deeply into the fibers.

The After Party

Your final carpet cleaning benefit is a walk-through with our team to see the amazing transformation! Next, our team leaves you to enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets and refreshed home environment.

Give your carpet a solid 24 hours of drying time before resuming normal traffic. This allows the protectant to cure to its full effect. Wait at least 48 hours before returning your furniture to their positions to reduce the chances of stains.

Deep Carpet Cleaning From Shoup’s Cleaning

Ready to elevate your entire home and start posting your own carpet cleaning before and after pics on social media? Contact Shoup’s today to bring home all the professional carpet cleaning benefits your family deserves. And check out all our residential services for the deep pleasure of a clean home and the free time to enjoy it!

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