Shoup’s Cleaning Commercial Consultation Process

shoup's cleaning can help you put your best business foot forward

What Shoup’s Cleaning Does for Commercial Clients

Did your mother ever tell you to practice good manners because, one day, you may be asked to go to the White House? Well, even if we never did get that invite, she had a point. How we present ourselves to the world matters, and the same goes for businesses. That’s why one of the simplest ways for your company to maintain a good appearance, and thus a good reputation, is by maintaining a clean and tidy space. 

Our experts at Shoup’s Cleaning can help your business check off some essential cleaning responsibilities to ensure a spotless presentation. Hygienic maintenance of your organization’s workspaces and common areas not only helps to keep your employees focused and healthy, it creates a better experience for your clientele and guests.

Depending on your needs, the services we can provide include general housekeeping, electrostatic disinfecting, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and select specialty services. 

With over fifty years in the industry, we know what it takes to make a business shine. Want to know what we can do for you? Fill out a consultation form today, and let’s get started. 

What is the Consultation Process Like

Each organization is different and, therefore, has different needs. Factors such as facility size, service types, and service frequency are essential in creating our estimate. However, despite the potential range in pricing, the overall process is a relatively standard three steps. 

Fill Out the Form 

If you are interested in the cleaning services we provide, the first step is to reach out. Follow this link to tell us some essential yet critical information about you and your cleaning needs. Some of the key pieces of information we ask for are: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name 
  • Email 
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Best Date for Assessment 
  • 2nd Best Date for Assessment
  • Preferred Time of Day 

In addition, a blank text box allows you to provide information regarding your business’s cleaning needs. 

All of this information will give us a good starting point to plan the best way to provide our services. However, we can determine most aspects of the job after our in-person work assessment visit. 

Work Assessment Visit 

The purpose of this visit is to give our professionals a better understanding of the job’s specific requirements. We will inspect your facilities and discuss which of our services will benefit your space. Our visit will also provide you the opportunity to explain the job’s finer points. 

This phase is critical because it allows us to visualize the full scope of your needs. With this freshly gained insight, we can prepare for the job more effectively and calculate an estimated cost for our services. The estimate will vary depending on the amount and type of work needed as well as the facility’s size. 

On average, we make our estimate available within a week. However, if the requested services are exceptionally detailed, a second walkthrough may be necessary to clarify specific tasks on rare occasions. Generally, this is not the case, and we can begin onboarding within two weeks.

Proceed to Work 

After the estimate is given and agreed upon, our cleaning services can commence. If your commercial cleaning needs change after the onboarding process, we can adjust our services and rates as needed. We understand and encourage open communication throughout our relationship. This way, you can continue putting your best business foot forward, and we can continue adhering to our cherished reputation of quality and efficiency. 

What Clients Can Expect from Shoup’s Cleaning

Clients can expect the outstanding quality and service that we have become synonymous with over the past fifty years. We care about providing our clients with all the hygienic and housekeeping services necessary to ensure a well-run business. With a good housekeeping infrastructure, your business’s employees can focus on their jobs, and you can make a great first impression on all who enter your office or facility.

Choose Shoup’s Cleaning for Commercial Cleaning Commitments

No matter what your business’s housekeeping or hygienic needs are, we are ready to rise to the challenge. Now that you know our process and what you can expect, fill out our form to schedule your workplace walkthrough today!

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