Office Deep Cleaning: Do You Need It?

A man wearing yellow cleaning gloves and a blue apron wipes a workspace table in an office.

Is your office clean? How often should an office be cleaned? Are office deep cleaning services worth the cost?

These are great questions the Shoup’s team hears all the time. And in our 50-plus years of getting our hands dirty in the name of cleanliness, we’ve learned to take them seriously. After all, you spend about a third of your life at work – so the cleanest possible workspace is important!

Even if you already have a cubicle cleaning service that keeps things generally tidy, you might want to consider the value of office deep cleaning services. Why? We’re glad you asked!

The Shoup’s Cleaning team breaks it all down for you, including:

  • Why a clean workplace is important
  • The difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning
  • Specific areas that deep cleaning services typically cover
  • How often an office should be cleaned

Importance of a Clean Work Environment

Your team has a lot on their collective plate. No matter how dedicated they are to bringing their A-game to their desks every day, the effects of an unclean workplace can seriously undermine their efforts. An office that’s not regularly cleaned can:

  • Increase stress levels – Messes, disordered supplies and odors make everyone’s job harder, leading to frustration and job dissatisfaction.
  • Cause higher call-off rates – Viruses and bacteria thrive in a messy space, causing illness to spread through coworkers and leading to staffing shortages.
  • Raise the risk of on the job accidents – Piles of stuff and unattended spills can cause people to stumble, slip and fall.

On the other hand, an office that is regularly cleaned brings a lot of benefits to your business, including:

  • Increased productivity among workers who feel healthier and happier in the workplace
  • Less potential for lawsuits from workers or visitors who become injured from tripping over messes
  • Elevated brand image that inspires your team and impresses your clients

Deep Clean vs Regular Clean

What’s the difference between regular cleaning and deep office cleaning? It’s equivalent to the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning, which boils down to frequency and detail.

In essence, janitorial cleaning happens fairly often, typically daily or weekly, and involves the routine tasks of:

  • Emptying trash
  • Dusting and vacuuming high-traffic areas
  • Wiping down high-touch surfaces
  • General restroom and breakroom cleaning

By contrast, office deep cleaning is a periodic commercial cleaning service that covers bigger jobs, like upholstery cleaning and concrete or tile cleaning. It might be scheduled monthly or only a couple times a year, depending on a company’s specific needs.

What Deep Cleans Should Include

The great thing about scheduling an office deep clean with Shoup’s is that you get to decide what it includes. Our consultation process helps us tailor our office deep cleaning services to each client’s needs and specifications – so your office can get exactly the type of attention you want.

Here are some of the chores we can take off our clients’ shoulders in a deep cleaning office visit from Shoup’s.

Tackling Hard-to-Reach Spaces

This can cover stairwells, vaulted ceilings and areas behind or around sensitive equipment.

Wiping Down Vents, Baseboards and Window Ledges

Most of us hardly notice the dust that accumulates on heating vents, baseboards and window ledges – but wiping down these areas really refreshes a space!

Vacuuming Under Furniture

Everyday vacuuming is an essential office cleaning component, but a typical cubicle cleaning service doesn’t move all the desks, cabinetry and other furniture to sweep underneath them. Adding this to a periodic office deep cleaning can nix a lot of lingering odors, dust and germs.

Cleaning Area and Oriental Rugs

Make better first impressions by getting that logo-imprinted area rug in your lobby deep cleaned once or twice a year. Our area and oriental rug cleaning services can help prolong the lifespan of these investment pieces.

Taking Care of the Details

From the interiors of your company fleet to the concrete or tile flooring in your loading dock or breakroom, our specialty services help you make the most of an annual or monthly office deep cleaning schedule.

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

Short answer: Every day!

Longer answer: As often as needed to maintain a healthy and attractive workplace. If you’re keeping it tidy with an everyday cleaning service that stays on top of general cleaning duties, a deep office cleaning once or twice a year could be enough to refresh the whole space.

Some ideas for occasions that warrant a thorough deep clean include:

  • When your company moves into or out of an office space
  • After an event like a holiday party or anniversary celebration
  • Before a visit from special clients or a public event, like a product launch
  • When most of your team is off-site for training or team-building

How Deep Do Shoup’s Office Deep Cleaning Services Go?

The Shoup’s team has years of experience with a wide range of cleaning services. Whether it’s an office deep clean or an everyday cleanup job, we take pride in being as thorough as possible and paying attention to every detail.

One way we go deeper than the usual clean is with our electrostatic disinfecting service. This process features an electrostatic sprayer and a hospital-grade cleaner that is EPA-approved for use against most common germs and viruses, including COVID-19. Plus it’s certified by NSF International – an organization whose mission is to protect and improve human health – as requiring no rinse, even on surfaces that come into contact with food.

How does electrostatic disinfecting work? First of all, surfaces must be clean before disinfecting. If daily wipe-downs are part of your regular office cleaning routine, you won’t need to do anything extra. Here’s the science behind electrostatic disinfecting:

  • 70% of all objects and surfaces have a predominantly negative charge.
  • An electrode inside the sprayer atomizes the cleaning solution to positively charged particles.
  • As the particles are sprayed, they attract to negatively charged surfaces and objects like a magnet.
  • The particles wrap around the object and into hard-to-reach places, evenly coating all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.

Refresh Your Space With Shoup’s Cleaning

Ready to give your business a full refresh with a deep office cleaning? Check out all Shoup’s commercial cleaning services to see what fits your needs. Then reach out! We can’t wait to dig into the deep cleaning office services that will make your team healthier, impress your clients and elevate your brand image!

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