How Upholstery Cleaning Benefits Your Business

The furniture in your business says a lot about your brand. Whether yours is a medical or law office, marketing or design firm, car dealership, beauty salon or retail boutique, your furnishings often make the first impression on visitors.

If your chairs, sofas and benches look or smell bad, your clients and customers will notice. Shoup’s professional upholstery cleaning service can give your brand image a deep refresh!

Read on to see how regular office furniture maintenance from our certified cleaners can amp up your company’s public profile, boost employee morale and protect your investment in brick-and-mortar amenities.

Benefits of Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Not sure if the benefits of upholstery cleaning from Shoup’s trained pros are worth it? We get it. You’ve got a limited budget, so choosing where to spend it for the best ROI is crucial.

When you trust vetted professional cleaning companies to nix spots, stains and odors from your furnishings, your business will:

Make Better First Impressions

Your website is likely the first point of virtual contact with potential customers. But when they walk through the doors of your physical location, the furniture they find there makes an indelible impression. If they see stains or smell unpleasant odors, they won’t want to stick around long enough to learn about your amazing products or services! And even if they do complete that first sale, they won’t be likely to return to a space filled with dirty, stinky chairs.

A regular cleaning schedule for your waiting room furniture is your best strategy for delivering a stellar first impression that translates into loyal return customers.

Give Employees a Healthier Workplace Environment

Customers and clients aren’t the only people affected by soiled furniture at your business. Your employees endure daily negative effects of an unclean workplace that are only made worse by soiled furniture. Upholstered surfaces can trap bacteria, dirt and allergens that can diminish the air quality in your workplace and potentially spread illness. Breathing that in all day can lower worker morale, spur an uptick in sick-day call-offs and deter worker loyalty.

On the brighter side, routine commercial upholstery cleaning refreshes the entire atmosphere in your business and shows your team that you value their health and comfort.

Help Your Furniture Last Longer

You’ve invested in solid, well-built furniture to add a sense of comfort, style and dependability to your company’s physical space. And while everyday use will naturally wear on the fabric surfaces, the judicious use of a commercial upholstery cleaner can ensure a much longer lifespan for these furniture pieces. Stains don’t have to be permanent — but if they’re not addressed quickly by professionals trained in how to clean upholstery of many types, they can effectively ruin the look and feel of any furniture.

Protect your investment in top-quality furnishings by hiring Shoup’s commercial upholstery cleaning pros to do the job right. We know how to treat stubborn stains on all the most common office furniture fabrics, and we offer add-ons like stain-resistant coatings for long-term protection.

Common Upholstery Cleaning Challenges in Commercial Settings

In our 50-plus years of getting our hands dirty in the name of cleanliness, Shoup’s pros have seen it all. We’ve come up against many challenges, but we’ve always been able to learn from them and come through them with a refreshed sense of purpose.

One stumbling block for many of our customers is understanding the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning services, which boils down to periodic clean-up jobs vs a regular cleaning schedule. Upholstery cleaning typically falls into the former category because it’s not something you’d need on a daily or weekly basis.

But even if you have an in-house janitorial crew that handles everyday tasks like trash removal and restroom sanitation, you’ll benefit from hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service. Why? For one thing, your cleaning crew may not have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to remove stains without discoloring or otherwise ruining the fabric.

When our trained upholstery cleaning pros come to your business, they’re ready for challenges like leather furniture care, delicate fabric cleaning and persistent odors.

What Types of Upholstery Benefit from Being Professionally Cleaned?

All furniture fabric is not created equal! Some furnishings respond well to standard commercial upholstery cleaning services while others require a more nuanced approach. Most furniture pieces with fabric upholstery come with a universally recognized cleaning and sanitizing code from the manufacturer. Locating and inspecting this tag is the starting point for any commercial upholstery cleaner. It indicates which cleaning method is best suited to the fabric in question — and not following its recommendations can void any warranty you expect on your purchase.

Here’s a quick breakdown of these codes:

  • W – Safe for cleaning with water or mild detergents diluted with water
  • S – Safe for cleaning with solvent-based cleaners, but water may stain or otherwise negatively affect the fabric
  • W-S – Safe for cleaning with either water-soluble or solvent-based cleaners
  • X – Not recommended for either water-based or solvent-based cleaners due to risks of shrinking or discoloration. Only safe for vacuuming or brushing clean

Some of the most common furniture upholstery materials include cotton, polyester and microfiber. If your furniture includes fabrics like wool, velvet or suede, we strongly recommend the benefits of upholstery cleaning by trained, knowledgeable Shoup’s pros.

Upholstery Cleaning Companies vs DIY Methods

Why is hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service better than doing the work in house? Even if you’re not sure what commercial cleaning is and why you need it, we’re sure you’ll be convinced by the benefits of upholstery cleaning your entire workforce can appreciate:

Save Time for Your Janitorial Crew

Your janitors are experts at many tasks — but do they know how to clean upholstery that’s been stained by organic matter like body fluids or food waste? Learning how to tackle upholstery cleaning takes a lot of time, which could put these indispensable workers into overtime and affect your company’s bottom line. Plus, this kind of job takes them away from their usual tasks, which could leave your spaces dingy, dirty and untidy. Save them the extra hours by getting on a regular cleaning schedule with Shoup’s that ensures sparkling furniture for the long haul.

Free Employees to Focus on Their Jobs

Your workers have a lot on their plates. Asking them to take on additional responsibilities like office furniture maintenance adds a lot of stress, which could ultimately lead to burnout and higher turnover rates. Signing up for a commercial upholstery cleaning service frees your team to focus on the tasks you hired them to do, like helping customers or developing business solutions. Plus, it lets your employees know that you value them for their industry-related skills and talents, which can strengthen both company loyalty and team cohesiveness.

Get the Right Clean on Any Furniture

Shoup’s Cleaning is certified with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, a global nonprofit focused on establishing and advancing recognized standards, credentials and certifications for the cleaning, inspection and restoration industries. Our certified cleaning professionals are trained in many aspects of commercial cleaning, including upholstery cleaning, fabric restoration and more. That means we can determine how to clean upholstery of nearly any type with the appropriate methods, equipment and cleaners for the best possible outcomes.

Shoup’s Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

Ready to see how Shoup’s commercial upholstery cleaning services can level up your brand image? Whether you add it to our other commercial cleaning services, like housekeeping and window washing, or use it as a periodic boost to your regular cleaning schedule, you’ll love the way professional upholstery cleaning benefits your clients, customers, colleagues and bottom line. Contact us today to bring Ohio’s finest commercial upholstery cleaner to your business!

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