How Power Washing Benefits Your Business

It’s easy to see how disinfecting interior workspaces can be beneficial to both your employees and your customers. But the benefits of an exterior power washing may be less obvious. After all, most business is conducted inside an office, warehouse, hospital or retail store. So why is pressure washing important for your commercial building?

The clean freaks at Shoup’s Cleaning are so glad you asked! We’ve been helping people clean up their act at home and work for decades — both indoors and out — so we know a thing or two about pressure washing. Benefits of this powerful cleaning method include a healthier work environment and a healthier bottom line.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before we dive into all the power washing benefits your business can enjoy, let’s break down what power washing is and discuss how often to power wash the exterior of a building.

What Is Power Washing?

At its most basic, power washing is a method of deeply cleaning exterior surfaces using high-powered streams of hot water. We’re talking hundreds, even thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch, which is many, many times more than the water pressure that comes out of a regular garden hose. Pressure washing uses the same type of pressure, just without the heated water.

That high amount of force combines with the heat of the water to break up and remove lots of nasty stuff from a building’s surface, including:

  • Dust and mud
  • General grime
  • Loose paint
  • Moss
  • Algae and mold

Power washing the exterior of a house or building is common, but you can extend the benefits of power washing to driveways, sidewalks, fencing, dining decks or patios, and other outdoor structures.

Why Is Power Washing Important?

Now that you know how it works, let’s look at the ways exterior power washing can benefit your business. You may be surprised at how a simple deep cleaning of the outside of your commercial enterprise can have a positive effect on the morale of your workers, the attitude of your customers and the health of your bank account.

Top 3 Pressure Washing Benefits

1. Creates a Healthier Environment

One of the many negative effects of an unclean workplace is a workforce that struggles with chronic illness. When you hire a cleaning service to disinfect shared surfaces, take out the trash and vacuum floors, your employees can avoid a lot of bacteria and viruses that make them sick — and lead to a high call-off rate.

Power washing benefits everyone by removing the dirt, grime and algae that provide fabulous breeding grounds for germs, as well as vermin that often carry disease. This cleaning method also whisks away mold spores and pollen, which can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms.

2. Saves on Maintenance Costs

By blasting away moss and mold from your building’s exterior, power washing helps protect surfaces from corrosion. These organic substances can cause serious damage to paint, concrete sealant, vinyl siding and wood decking or fencing. And once those outer surfaces are corrupted, everything under them is vulnerable. Cracked or weakened surface materials allow moisture, bugs and other vermin to get inside the walls of your business, leading to costly repairs or pest-control bills. When you compare the cost of removing pests or repairing walls, you begin to see the money-saving benefits of power washing.

3. Elevates Your Brand Visibility

First impressions can make or break your brand. Customers may not want to approach a business that looks dingy or dirty, no matter how fabulous your products or services might be. Boost the curb appeal of your company’s brick-and-mortar location with a thorough exterior power washing. Add professional window washing to see what a dramatic difference a little TLC can make for your business. You may be surprised at how the visual transformation elevates your brand, increases foot traffic and improves employee morale.

How Professional Exterior Power Washing Beats DIY Cleaning

Starting to see a fuller picture of power washing benefits? Before you run off to rent a pressure washer and attempt to clean up your building’s exterior on your own, let’s talk about why hiring a professional is the smart way to access all the benefits of power washing.

We Have the Right Equipment

At Shoup’s Cleaning, we offer an array of commercial cleaning services from general housekeeping to mitigating fire or water damage. For each service, we have invested in professional-grade equipment, personal protection gear and training for our workers. We know exactly what types of surfaces require power washing and when to switch to pressure washing for optimal results. With Shoup’s, you’ll never have to pay extra for rental equipment or worry about insurance or repairs if the equipment fails.

We Know How to Avoid Damage to Property

The Shoup story is rooted in 50-plus years of providing high-quality cleaning services to our Northeast Ohio community. Over those decades, we’ve built a reputation of professionalism, teamwork and diligence. Our first priority on every job site is maintaining the integrity of your property while taking pride in a job thoroughly and well done. One of the nicest benefits of professional exterior power washing is the peace of mind that we know how often to power wash a house and how to avoid damage to the structure and surrounding areas.

We Do It Safely – for You and the Planet

We all want to do what’s best for Mother Nature. Shoup’s cleaning crews deliver maximum power and pressure washing benefits while taking care to minimize waste and keep everyone as safe as possible. Whether that’s by wearing appropriately protective clothing or using cleaning agents that won’t harm the environment, we’re as committed as you are to keeping both your business and our shared planet clean for a brighter future.

Power Washing From Shoup’s Cleaning

Ready to see your business in a new light? Contact Shoup’s Cleaning today to start reaping your power washing benefits!

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